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About us

Hailing from chic streets of Paris, but born again in spirit on the magical island of Bali, Suci’s designer Cecile creates and designs every piece of jewelry with intention and purpose. 


Seeing Suci as more than just a jewelry brand offering elegant, timeless and wearable pieces, Cecile's designs represent the spiritual learnings and journeys this mystical island offers up to its visitors and inhabitants.

“Every person walks their own path here, a path that is guided by the ancient traditions, energy spirituality of the Balinese.”. 


Becoming a part of the local community, Cecile sees the Suci family as her very own. From every craftsman, jeweler to the holy men and women who bless every pieces in a special ceremony, Cecile ensures that their story is a part of the Suci story. 


Spending her days exploring the luscious landscapes Bali with her son, Cecile continues to be inspired by the cultural riches of Bali. 

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