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Rebirth Bracelet Silver Gold Plated

Rebirth Bracelet Silver Gold Plated


The Rebirth bracelet by Suci embodies the richness of Balinese tradition and the power of family ties. Inspired by an ancient custom, this bracelet is more than just an accessory; it symbolizes protection, luck, and renewal for the wearer.

In Balinese culture, it's customary to gift a bracelet to newborns at birth. This symbolic gesture carries deep meanings: the bracelet is believed to shield the child from negative energies and bring them luck and prosperity throughout their life. It's a symbol of love and care from family members who wish the best for the newborn.

The Rebirth bracelet by Suci continues this age-old tradition while adding a touch of modernity and elegance. Handcrafted with high-quality materials, each bracelet is unique and carries the essence of Balinese culture. The patterns and colors are carefully chosen for their symbolic meaning, creating a deep connection to ancestral traditions.

By wearing the Rebirth bracelet, one carries a part of Bali's cultural and spiritual heritage. It serves as a constant reminder of the importance of family, protection, and connection to one's roots. Whether for a newborn or anyone seeking extra protection and a link to Balinese tradition, the Rebirth bracelet by Suci is the perfect choice.




Metal: Sterling Silver Gold plated, 18k
Weight: 3.1grs
Finishing: Shiny
Diameter: 4.0 cms

Note:  Our standard is a 3 microns plating. 


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