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Our Store Policies - Terms and Conditions

The words below, with the first letter in upper case, will be defined as follows:

Acceptance: validation by the Customer of his order.

General Delivery Conditions: refer to the present delivery conditions described below.

Delivery Conditions: refer to the General Delivery Conditions and the special delivery conditions described in refer to these delivery conditions described below.

General Conditions of Sale: refer to the present conditions of sale described below

Client: Internet user placing a firm order, on his own behalf or on behalf of a legal person, for Jewelry on the site

Legal Notices and Conditions of Use: refer to the legal notices and conditions of use of the site including the limitations of liability

Jewelry: Jewelry for sale on the site

Delivery Territory: World


SUCI JEWELRY is a company based in Bali, Indonesia, designing Jewelry with the know-how of Bali craftsmen.

The Customer adheres to the Conditions of Sale and Delivery of Jewelry as well as to the Legal Notices and Conditions of Use of the site governing the contractual relations between himself (natural person or legal person) and SUCI JEWELRY, in particular on the occasion of the purchase of a Jewel by the Customer on the site

The Customer of the site declares that he has the skills and means necessary to subscribe to, access and use the services offered by SUCI JEWELRY.

Hypertext links

The creation of hypertext links to the site is subject to the prior agreement of SUCI JEWELRY. The hypertext links established in the direction of other sites from the site can not, in any case, engage the responsibility of SUCI JEWELRY.



The reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of the pages, data and any other constituent element of the site, by any process or medium whatsoever, is prohibited and constitutes an infringement without authorisation from SUCI JEWELRY.


Description of Jewelry

SUCI JEWELRY offers on the site the online purchase of its Jewelry.

The photos of the Jewelry on the site are not contractual.

The Jewelry is more fully described on the pages of the site

The prices are specified on the site for each of the Jewels, as well as the delivery costs relating to their shipment to the address chosen by the Customer. The total cost of the selected Jewel, including taxes and delivery, is described on the site and in particular summarized at the time of validation of the order by the Customer.

Confirmation of the order

After having read the description of the different Jewels offered, their prices, the Conditions of Use, the Legal Notices, the Conditions of Sale and the Delivery Conditions, the Customer selects the Jewelry (s) he wishes to order as well as the method of delivery of the Jewelry.

By placing his order, the Customer acknowledges having read the special conditions of sale contained in the pages of the site which describe the Jewel (name, capacity, price, technical and usage specifics, guarantees, etc.) and expressly declares to accept them without reservations.

At the time of the validation of the order, the Customer will have the possibility:

- modify their choices,

- to read, print and save the Legal Notices and the General Conditions of Sale,

- to proceed with the Acceptance of his order by clicking on the button "Confirm your order".

Acceptance implies total and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of these Conditions of Sale as well as of the General Conditions of Use and Delivery Conditions of the site subject to derogatory provisions established in writing between SUCI JEWELRY and the Customer.

Unless proven otherwise, the data provided by the Client and recorded by SUCI JEWELRY constitutes proof of the elements of the contract and of the terms and conditions governing the relationship between SUCI JEWELRY and the Client.

After Acceptance, the Customer will receive at the email address he has indicated an email confirming his order. This email will confirm receipt of the Customer's order by SUCI JEWELRY and will be equivalent to an invoice.

In the event of an abnormally large order in quantity from a Customer, or in the event of an out of stock of the Jewel ordered, SUCI JEWELRY reserves the right to cancel this order and to contact the Customer to inform it.

SUCI JEWELRY reserves the right to validate the identity of the Client before the delivery of the Jewel to the Client.

SUCI JEWELRY reserves the right not to honor an order when the Customer who places it is the subject of an ongoing dispute for total or partial non-payment of a previous order with SUCI JEWELRY.

Validity of the information provided

The Customer of the site undertakes to provide real, exact, up-to-date information at the time of their entry in the registration form offered by our website. In the contrary hypothesis, SUCI JEWELRY declines all responsibility in the absence of delivery, total or partial, of the jewels ordered by the Customer.


The prices of the Jewelry are announced in euros, all taxes included. An option to display prices in USD (US dollars) is also available on the site interface. The prices in American dollars correspond to the exact equivalent in euros according to the exchange rate of the day. It can therefore vary slightly from day to day.

SUCI JEWELRY reserves the right to modify the prices of its Jewels at any time according to the procedure described in "modifications of the General Conditions of Sale". In any case, the Jewelry will be invoiced on the basis of the price of the Jewelry displayed at the time of Acceptance.

Payment and invoicing

Payment for jewelry ordered is made by:

- Bank card (Visa or Mastercard).

The online payment service is secure but does not include any additional insurance policy, in particular in the event of theft of the customer's bank card.

In the event of non-payment due to fraudulent use of a means of payment, SUCI JEWELRY reserves the right to apply additional administrative fees to the Customer.

It is the Customer's responsibility to check the payment sending form before any Acceptance.

In any case, SUCI JEWELRY cannot be held responsible for problems or delays related to the functioning of the payment procedures.

The sums paid as part of an online payment can in no way be qualified as a deposit or down payment.

Delivery services

Shipping charges are not included in the prices of the Jewelry as displayed on the pages of the site describing the Jewelry. On the other hand, at the time of the validation of the order, the price will include the costs relating to the delivery of the Jewelry.

When the Customer places a concurrent order for several Jewels and these have different delivery dates, the delivery date of the order will be based on the latest date so that all the Jewels can be subject to 'a single delivery.

Shipping cost

The Customer is offered several delivery choices:

- Indonesia: free delivery 

- France, Belgium and Switzerland: price of 9 €

- Rest of the world: fixed price of 29 €

Suci Jewelry does not profit from the shipping costs. The delivery costs invoiced to the Customer are a simple participation in the actual delivery costs which most of the time amount to an amount higher than the costs invoiced to the Customer when ordering.

Confirmation of delivery date and delivery address

After validation of the payment of the order to the direct validation in case of online payment, the Customer is notified by email of the date of shipment and / or delivery as well as the delivery address.

The times initially announced may exceptionally be delayed in the event of a shortage of stock.

We make every effort to process, package and ship your purchases within 24-48 hours of ordering.

SUCI JEWELRY does not work during the weekend. As such, orders placed after the close of business (at Indonesian times) on Friday evening will not be processed until the following Monday morning.

Order processing time may be delayed during sales or Balinese national holidays.

In the event of a shipping delay, an email will be sent by to the Customer.

In accordance with legal provisions, in the event that the delay in shipping and / or delivery exceeds 7 days compared to the date initially planned, the Customer has the possibility of canceling his order within 30 working days under reserve that the Jewel is returned complete and in its original condition to SUCI JEWELRY.

Absence of any responsibility relating to the delivery, in particular in the following cases:

- Return of parcel following an address error or an incomplete address. The package may be re-shipped against payment of new shipping costs up to the actual shipping costs.

- Return of parcel following the non-recovery of the parcel within the time limits set from the services of the delivery provider. A new package can be shipped at the customer's request, subject to new invoicing at the customer's expense.

- SUCI JEWELRY will not be held responsible for packages lost in transit or failed delivery attempts for any reason.


Taxes and customs

SUCI JEWELRY takes no responsibility for any customs duties, foreign taxes or other charges that may be imposed upon importation into your country.

All taxes and duties differ between countries and states, therefore, we are unable to provide a cost estimate prior to delivery. These costs are established by the postal services and are beyond our perimeter of decision.

We will endeavor to inform all our customers of the relevant import restrictions of which we are aware. Acceptance of such restrictions and payment of all associated costs are considered the responsibility of the Customer.

For more information, we advise you to contact your customs office.

Shipping charges and taxes will not be refunded for packages refused due to taxes and customs duties.


Ownership of the Jewelry being transferred upon acceptance of delivery, it is the Customer's responsibility to check the package upon receipt, to make any reservations and complaints that appear justified to the delivery person and to report them on the delivery slip attached to the package. If the Jewels delivered do not conform in kind or in quality to the specifications indicated in the delivery note, said reservations and complaints must then be sent by email to SUCI JEWELRY, within 48 hours of receipt of the Jewels, imperatively enclosing the package concerned. After this period, no complaint can be taken into account.

In the event of the Customer's absence when the delivery person passes by, the Customer must refer to the conditions of each of the delivery providers to find out what are the procedures to follow to recover the jewelry.

Cases of Jewelry purchased and shipped outside Indonesian territory:

The Jewels of the site are manufactured and distributed in accordance with the Indonesian legislation in force. SUCI JEWELRY cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance with the legislation of another country where the Jewel is shipped.

Right to retract

In accordance with the legal provisions of the Consumer Code, the Customer who assumes the quality of consumer has a period of 14 days from receipt of the Jewelry, to exercise his right of withdrawal from SUCI JEWELRY without having to justify reasons. , nor to pay a penalty.

Regarding the Jewelry, the return costs will be borne by the Customer.

The Jewels must be returned in their original condition and complete, allowing a new marketing. As an exception, unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for special orders such as laser engravings.


Autonomy of contract clauses

In the event that a clause of this contract is declared inapplicable or void, the other clauses continue to apply and the parties to the contract may renegotiate it in order to preserve the initially established balance.


Modification of the General Conditions of Sale

SUCI JEWELRY reserves the right to modify and supplement these General Conditions of Sale as well as the scope of its service vis-à-vis the Customer of the site

These modifications will come into force when they are put online on the site, it being understood that the price of the Jewel will in any case be that displayed at the time of Acceptance.

Date of last update

The last update of the conditions of sale dates from June 16, 2021.

Data processing

The personal information collected will in no case be disclosed to third parties and will only be used in the context of commercial correspondence with SUCI JEWELRY.

Thank you for shopping on our SUCI JEWELRY website.


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